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Quotes When Michal and I worked on leadership staff together at Camp Mountain Chai, I looked to her for support, guidance and inspiration. No matter what we were doing she was always an innovative, communicative and actively engaging leader. I learned so much from watching her engage with our campers during educational, musical or spiritual activities. After working over 4 years at Jewish camps, Michal remains one of the most adept songleaders, Judaism, Hebrew and music teachers I have ever encountered. I am so grateful to have met and formed a friendship with Michal. Her kind spirit, generosity and pure enthusiasm are intoxicating. Michal will surely surpass your expectations. Quotes
Shayna Cohn

Quotes I have had the privilege to observe Michal in formal and informal scenarios, with adults and children; in every case her enthusiasm and positivity have shone through. She has the ability to put people at ease, to encourage participation, to foster an inclusive, non-judgmental and fun atmosphere. She is a natural leader and educator, with a clear passion for music and an appreciation of spirituality. I have no hesitation in recommending her services, you will not regret working with Michal. Quotes
Sarah Theeboom

Quotes I brought my shul's teenagers to Israel this summer. Having studied with Michal in yeshiva, and enjoyed her warmth and spiritual presence, I knew that she was the perfect madricha for our group. Luckily she was available, and I never regretted the choice for one moment. The kids responded well to Michal's ruach and bubbling vivacity and positivity. She combines intense Jewish knowledge with an understanding of what makes people tick. Learning with her is a real joy, being around her a special pleasure. Her musicality is inspirational. From her humour on the early morning tour bus to the late night jamming sessions with her guitar, she enhanced our trip and took it to another level. Half the kids want to go back to Israel just to visit Michal. Quotes
Rabbi Nathan Alfred
Leader of the Reform community in Luxembourg and Belgium

Quotes My husband and I were incredibly lucky to have Michal perform an original song live at our wedding. With only an acoustic guitar and her perfectly pure voice, Michal had every guest, including us, standing in awe at the beauty of her performance. She told the story of our relationship with such thoughtfulness and sincerity. We are so grateful to Michal for capturing our love in such a creative and everlasting way. And we feel just as lucky to have experienced her unwavering positive energy and contagious enthusiasm for life. Michal is truly one-of-a-kind. Quotes
Lisa Sewell
Huge Fan & Recipient of An "Original Song"

Quotes יצא לי להכיר את מיכל במקרה, כשהגיעה להתרשם מהמרכז למוסיקה בעמק הירדן. מתוך השיחה שהתפתחה, התרשמתי מהתשוקה והאהבה שיש למיכל עם עולם המוסיקה. החלטתי להיפגש איתה לחזרה, לקראת מופע שלי, כדי לבדוק האם נמצא שפה מוסיקלית משותפת. למרות שמיכל לא הכירה את רוב השירים שביצעתי, היא עשתה "עבודת בית" והרשימה אותי ברמת המוסיקליות, הדיוק, הדינמיקה וההבנה של הלחן המתבקש מתוך הטקסט. תוך כדי העבודה הכרתי אישיות מקצועית ורצינית. שותפה מלאה ואכפתית, עם רעיונות ויצירתיות ובעיקר עם הרבה כישרון. אנו מופיעות יחד ונגינתה של מיכל קוצרת מחמאות רבות! מאחלת לך כניסה מוצלחת לאזור הצפון והרבה הצלחה בהמשך!! Quotes
נירה ספיר פינסקי
מנהלת המרכז למוסיקה וסל תרבות מ.א. עמק הירדן.

Quotes Michal is that rare educator who has it all - talent, knowledge, passion and amazing "people-skills." She was the music director at Kadima Hebrew Academy where I was the Head of School. She was able to motivate children from age 5 through 14. She is an excellent teacher, a great colleague and a fine performer. Quotes
Dr. Barbara Gereboff
Head of School, Wornick JDS, Foster City, CA

Quotes I had the fortune of studying under Michal Hoffman while spending some time in Jerusalem. She was so patient with me and I looked forward to our lessons every week. Michal's love for music and understanding of its expression really helped me move forward in my relationship with the piano. Now I am in the States and still use her techniques and wisdom to move me along. Her smile combined with her great musical talent make her a rare find in the music field. If you have the opportunity to be one her her students, i highly recommend taking it. Alexandra Kaufman Former student (due to the fact that we are no longer on the same continent) Quotes
Alexandra Kaufman
Piano lessons

Quotes Michal is THE BEST music teacher. I learned more in her class than I did anywhere else! She is so nice, and patient which is really great to have in a music teacher. She was the best music teacher I ever had!! Thank you, Miss Hoffman! Quotes
Brooke Smallson
Former Student, Kadima Hebrew Academy

Quotes Michal is a not only rare musical talent, a wonderfully happy, engaging, thoughtful human being, she is also a deeply spiritual and emotional person. Her services and programs are always engaging, and heartfelt. Her music is honest and beautiful, and working with her is always a highly professional and smooth experience. Quotes
Liat Hoffman
Song-leader and Jewish Educator